[pmwiki-users] foxaction replace

adam overton a at plus1plus1plus.org
Mon Mar 24 23:39:00 CDT 2008


so first i was just doing a simple FoxNotify form using the example  
on the page:

(:fox addemail target="FoxNotifyLists.{*$Group}":)

this works great - it puts the "notify=blah at blah.com" command in the  
right file

however, i realzed after messing around a bit that if i run the form  
several times, the user can add multiple email addresses - hence:

	notify=blah at blah.com ...
	notify=bleh at bleh.com ...

well, i decided that i'd like for the user to only be able to input  
one email address total - and that any further form submissions would  
replace the original content. here's what i thought would work

instead of
(:fox addemail target="FoxNotifyLists.{*$Group}":)
i put this as the top of the form:
(:fox addemail foxaction=replace put=overwrite target="FoxNotifyLists. 

but this doesn't seem to work - nothing gets added, nothing gets  


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