[pmwiki-users] Nice view naked mode implemention

Lucile Fievet lucile.fievet at eufar.net
Tue Mar 25 06:36:58 CDT 2008

Like this page : 

-no menu
-no default tile
-no obvious editing possibility
+usual style sheet
+print (or pdf mode)

I want it looks like a simple ordinary content page for old 

I want to migrate the existing website toward a proper CMS, I thought 
about Drupal, but now I see PmWiki ... (I installed it first as an 
additional community tool) I am wondering if it not a better solution 
than usual CMS..
I really like wiki spirit, but maybe this use is not conform the to wiki 

For the moment I want that my colleague; who usually send me corrective 
for static page in word or dirty-html; correct the page directly with 
the wiki... and it works fine !! :o) they like it.

I need a progressive migration; with this naked "action/mode" I can 
migrate page by page :o)

Now I am looking also about Fox forms .. and then for the dynamic side 
... I don't really know what to do about it... their is a big unpleasant 
existing data management.. it is funny to think how it could be ported 
in a wiki style...


Hans wrote:
> Tuesday, March 25, 2008, 9:47:41 AM, Lucile Fievet wrote:
>> I was also wondering also how was the good way to add a naked view mode?
> what do you mean by 'naked view'?
>   ~Hans
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