[pmwiki-users] GET/POST generated by a windows client/server tool

Stéphane Heckel hsteph at club-internet.fr
Thu Mar 27 10:06:57 CDT 2008

"Stéphane Heckel" wrote :

> do you know which algorythm I should use to encode the body/text ?

More details : it seems that only the 3 following characters %, & and = need 
to be transformed.

sStrText = Remplace(sStrText,"%","%25")
sStrText = Remplace(sStrText,"&","%26")
sStrText = Remplace(sStrText,"=","%3D")

so now, I have experimented both mechanisms XMLRPC & HTTP POST to read & 
write pmwiki pages from my windows client tool.

I didn't see any advantage of xmlrpc over http POST mechanism, ... However, 
the POST mechanism can be used with a standard pmwiki engine, without adding 
any recipes.
Can someone elaborate on that ? security ? performance ? compatibility ?, 



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