[pmwiki-users] back to an old story : conditional for attachments (fwd)

Alain Castera castera at in2p3.fr
Thu Mar 27 10:57:39 CDT 2008

Hello evrybody.

I'm new to the list, so let me apologize if I come back to an already closed 
issue ( I tried navigating the archives, but without a good searching 
mechanism, that's quite hard ! ;-)

One year ago, there seemed to be a thread on "conditional for 
attachments". But I was unable to find a conclusive message, except of 
letting the "attach" markup do the job.

But I need(!) a pure attachment existence test, really !

I am setting up a collaborative site, where document sharing is a fundamental 
issue (using intensively zap and a drastically modified JITS, but that's 
another story ;-)

The present architecture is based on Groups. Thus, a reference document is 
made available site-wide (attach to some kind of "parent" group), but each 
group (project) can provide a declination on its own.

So I need a way to test the existence of a given attachment at the group level, 
before offering the site-wide attachment.

Do somebody knows how to do it - apart from creating my own conditional ;-) ) ?


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