[pmwiki-users] [powertools] questions, ...

Stéphane Heckel hsteph at club-internet.fr
Fri Mar 28 07:47:23 CDT 2008

"Hans" wrote :

> Perhaps I should add a separator option: sep= which gets used in this
> last line?

yes, good idea.
Having the choice to have CRLF as a separator (instead comma) would make the 
debug process easier !

> - I didn't find a way to produce a list of groups only ?
>> Groups as in group names only for when there is at least one page of any 
>> sort?

yes, ...
something like {(glist -PARAMETERS)}

Idea I have in mind is to create a kind of windows explorer for pmwiki 
admin, ...first process to execute would be to get a list of groups, .. then 
when I have all groups, I can play with {(plist 
myGroup.* -myGroup.RecentChanges -myGroup.GroupAttributes)}to get a list of 
pages per group, etc ...

Concept is to get the result as a stream (like you do with powertools) 
without any html/xml (plain text only).
Would you recommend other RPC mechanisms to retrieve this kind of infos ? an 
other cookbook maybe ?



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