[pmwiki-users] Pagelist searching for text page variable containing comma

Pierre Racine Pierre.Racine at sbf.ulaval.ca
Fri Mar 28 13:49:50 CDT 2008


The doc give an example of how to use text page variables with pagelist to search for page with different values. For example:

(:pagelist group=PmWiki $:City="Addis Ababa,Paris" fmt=Cookbook/PagelistTemplateSamples#oneline :)

will return page in which $:City is equal to "Addis Ababa" OR "Paris".

Unfortunately this prevent variable containing comma to be treated as a whole. For example I get pages with the variable $:Categorie set to  "Navigation, transport and communications". If I request pages with:

(:pagelist group=PmWiki $:Categorie ="Navigation, transport and communications" fmt=Cookbook/PagelistTemplateSamples#oneline :)

those pages do not get returned...

Any idea how can I solve this?


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