[pmwiki-users] ?action=edit not working anymore

Fernando Pont ferpont at gmail.com
Sun Mar 30 17:26:42 CDT 2008

Hi! I really need some help here.. I' ve been using PmWiki as a website for
a NGO for about 2 years now. All of a sudden I had a problem with
permissions (they were changed supposedly by some script run by the server).
I solved it by changing back the permissions on wiki.d and wikilib.d (744),
but since then, I can´t get to edit any page.
When I add ?action=edit to the url, I just get the part that I need to edit,
You can take a look at the site (it's in spanish) at
I included the edit commend to show what I mean...

I don' t have a clue on what can be happening and I'd really appreciate some
advice on this matter, because we need to update a lot of contents A.S.A.P.

Thanks so much in advance!
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