[pmwiki-users] $UploadPrefixFmt and Attach files

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Sun Mar 30 19:53:36 CDT 2008

I would like to be able to upload in some wiki groups
so the uploaded files are stored in
uploads/$Group/$Name/ folders, and in some groups in
uploads/$Group/ folders.

How do I configure this, and also have the Attach: markup working,
so that Attach:{$Name}.jpg  will work in both cases, i.e. an image file
with the page name as file name will be displayed in the page without
needing a Group/ or Group/Name part.

Setting $UploadPrefixFmt  should set the upload path, but it only
sets it if I also set in config.php

$UploadDir = 'uploads';
$UploadPrefixFmt = '/$Group';
$UploadFileFmt = "$UploadDir$UploadPrefixFmt";

So I tried to do it conditionally

# per group subdirectories
WikiDir = new PageStore('wiki.d/$Group/$FullName');

$group = PageVar($pagename,'$Group');
if ($group=='Special') {
   $UploadDir = 'uploads';
   $UploadPrefixFmt = '/$Group';
   $UploadFileFmt = "$UploadDir$UploadPrefixFmt";

but how will the Attach:filename.jpg work in pages of the 'Special'

(The reason for two different file structures is, that some groups
have per page subdirecories in order to have per page image galleries,
and others shall not have per page subdirectories, as there will only
be one image per page, but about a thousand pages....)

Thanks for any hints!


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