[pmwiki-users] fox auto-upload again. Still doesn't work as expected.

martin at kerz.org martin at kerz.org
Mon Mar 31 08:49:22 CDT 2008

> You need to get wikiword expressions working.
> Does  {(wikiword "Müller's schöne Töchter")} work in a page?
> It displays as:   MuellersSchoeneToechter

Yes, I really need to get it working. Unfortunately it doesn't. What  
am I doing wrong here? It puts out: (wikiword "Müller's schöne Töchter")
I have pmwiki 2.2.0 beta 65 running.

> Try this as a form:

this seems like a sane solution, when (wikiword) is running.

> use in the second template:
> Attach:Index/{$Name}/{$$newup_name}

That displays the image, it's true, but when I try to include the page  
on another page (actually a training page, where you can come up with  
a diagnosis just by looking at the pictures), it won't, as the  
variable isn't replaced with the static $Name.

Thanks again for your help!


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