[pmwiki-users] fox upload - Can't get the file to upload...

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Mon Mar 31 10:53:59 CDT 2008

Thanks! I realised that the original filename is not available for
posting, although we could set a new one.

So I just released another fox.php update fixing this hole.

Now if we have a file input box called 'upfile', we can use an input
control named 'upfile_name' to upload the file with a new name
(this was already possible), but we can also use {$$upfile_name} in
the template to post the filename, without need for an input field
with that name.
We can also post the filesize with {$$upfile_size}.

These new variable names should also work for input validation
checking with for instance
   (:foxcheck upfile_name msg='Please choose a file':)

So use this in your template:

 [[(Attach:){$$upfile1_name} | File]]


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