[pmwiki-users] fox auto-upload again. Still doesn't work as expected.

Martin Kerz martin at kerz.org
Mon Mar 31 12:06:50 CDT 2008

Dear Hans,

we're nearly there. The wikiword-conversion works fine now for the  
variable I use for the image path name:

so this:

(:fox neuereintrag template=Site.Vorlage foxgroup="Index" redirect=1  
pagecheck=1 upload=1 formcheck=1 target="{$$name}" :)
(:input hidden name "{$$(wikiword '{$$diagnose}')}" :)
(:input text diagnose "Diagnose" size=20:)

is correctly translated to the desired wikified path name when I use  
the variable {$$name} in the template:


Unfortunately this does not work for (:fox target={$$name} ... :).  
Here, fox wants to create a page called "Diagnose" in the group  
"Index". :-/

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