[pmwiki-users] GCalendar includeurl

Dr Fred C drfredc at verizon.net
Wed May 14 18:21:21 CDT 2008

Update -- you can edit and add things to an included gCalendar pmwiki 
page if you've got permission.  Just click on the date/time and do your 
thing.  If you've got a gmail account, and have permission to edit the 
calendard, it seems you'll be automatically loaded into the edit page.  
Kind of slick... IMHO. 

It's basically as seamless as pmwiki calendar editing, except you've got 
the full power of a modern calendar that you can share across the web 
with others via various automated pathways.   Way cool. 

Also, in a somewhat side related observation/discovery, if you've added 
the calendar extension to Thunderbird email, you can add gCalendars to 
Thunderbird by copy and pasting the vcal address in gCalendar in the 
gCalendars details page to in the 'new' calendar option in Thunderbird.  
You can edit stuff on your gCalendar directly in Thunderbird this way. 

I'm kind of thinking I'm going to trade out the pmwiki calendars for a 
gCalendar page on several of my various wikis.  

Dr Fred C wrote:
> FYI, gCalendar displays just fine in a pmwiki page if you just insert 
> (:includeurl <google calendarhtml> :) at the top of a wiki page. 
> You get the html URL for the gCalendar at the gCalendar's "details" 
> setting page for that calendar by right clicking on the html box at the 
> bottom of the details settings page.  You can access the settings pages 
> by clicking on 'manage calendars' in the calendar box on the left side 
> of the gCalendar screen. 
> I don't think you can click and edit entries to the gCalendar unless 
> you've got permission and/or are in gCalendar with a gMail account.  But 
> I haven't tested this  extensively.  I just know it works to display the 
> selected calendar in pmwiki at this point.


Always, Dr Fred C
drfredc at drfredc.com

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