[pmwiki-users] Group Title markup

Henrik Bechmann henrik at bechmann.ca
Wed May 21 08:22:55 CDT 2008


I've added a recipe at http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/GroupTitles 
which provides an analog to $Title, $Titlespaced, and [[target|+]] for 
group names, as follows:

$GroupTitle and $GroupTitlespaced are available as Page Variables

[[target|!+]] markup is available to show GroupTitlespaced text for a 
link (note the "!").

These are useful, for example, for page and pagelist templates, the 
latter for menus.

The basic idea is that you can add Page Text Variables to a page named 
Site.GroupTitles in the form

GroupName:Group Title Spaced

The markup will then use the value of the page text variable if found, 
otherwise it will use the name of the group (in the case of |!+ with 
spaces inserted in front of caps).

This effectively allows for renaming of groups in the same way that 
(:title:) allows for the renaming of pages (for the user interface).



ParkCentre:Center of the Park

to Site.GroupTitles.

"Center of the Park" will then show up whereever

[[ParkCenter.{$DefaultName}|!+]] is used, or wherever {$GroupTitle} and 
{$GroupTitlespaced} are used within ParkCenter pages.


- Henrik


Henrik Bechmann
Webmaster, celos.ca webhosting services

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