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Just to review, to create a catagory link on a PmWiki page, you have enter
the markup [[!CategoryName]] for each category. So to assign a page to
multiple categories, you would enter on the page:

[[!Category1]] [[!Category2]] [[!Category3]]

and so on.

But it sounds like you want a list of all existing categories on certain
pages. If that 's right, you can accomplish that by entering something like
this on those pages:

(:pagelist group=Category list=normal fmt=#title :)

That gives a list of all pages in Category group and simply lists the title
of the pages (fmt=#title). You can change the format, if you like, to list
other info about the page, though I'm not experienced in that area.

If you want such a list on all pages in a group, you can add that
automatically (without entering it on each page) by entering the directive

(:pagelist group=Category list=normal fmt=#title :)

to the Group's GroupFooter or PageFooter page, e.g., to add to all pages in
the Main group, you would enter the directive on either the Main/PageFooter
or Main/GroupFooter (I'm sure of the distinction between those two pages, so

Hope that helps.


On Mon, May 19, 2008 at 2:09 PM, <pmwiki at 911networks.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I am trying to convert a Dokuwiki to PmWiki, the last major problem left
> is: Categories or Tags
> What Dokuwiki does very simply by adding: {{tag>Customers Billings
> Quotes }} to the page and it will create automatically the tags for each
> one of the 3.
> When clicking on any one of them, it will display a page with all the wiki
> pages that belong to that category, including the title, date, description
> and all the tags for that page.
> That's  what I haven't figure it out. I have looked at:
> http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/PmWiki/Categories but obviously I don't
> understand it. I don't want to list all the pages that link to this
> category at the bottom of every page. I just to list all the categories
> themselves and clicking on the category will open a new page that will
> list all the pages for that category.
> Any suggestion/clarification?
> --
> Thanks
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