[pmwiki-users] Recent edits page not loading

Walker Lindley wlindley at PipeWorks.Com
Thu Oct 2 13:14:14 CDT 2008

I just took over managing my company's wiki and noticed that recent
edits page is no longer loading. Specifically the error is:

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in
I:\Wiki\pmwiki.php on line 863

Although the line number it errors on varies (sometimes 870, 1467, and
many other lines). I'm more familiar with MediaWiki than PmWiki, so I'm
not really sure where to start on debugging this. It looks like it's
simply trying to check too many pages for edits, but I really don't know
if that's a reasonable description of the problem. So if anyone can
offer me some tips about where to start with finding and fixing the
problem, that would be greatly appreciated as I've so far been
unsuccessful in finding information related to this on the PmWiki site.


Walker Lindley

Gameplay Engineer, Pipeworks(r) Software

wlindley at pipeworks.com


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