[pmwiki-users] Flash Flowplayer path problem in recipe

Moni Kellermann kellerfrau at gmail.com
Tue Oct 7 09:27:48 CDT 2008

Hi y'all,

I am currently testing Flowplayer


which works great as such but gives me a problem with the path settings.

The recipe uses

SDV($FPObjBaseUrl, $ScriptUrl."/wiki/cookbook/flowplayer/");
SDV($FPJsUrl, $ScriptUrl."/wiki/cookbook/flowplayer/flashembed.min.js");
SDV($HelperJsUrl, $ScriptUrl."/wiki/cookbook/flowplayer/addloadevent.js");

Now, this assumes that my wiki is in a folder called "wiki" which it 
isn't, but, okay, I remove that. But it still doesn't work because of 
the used $ScriptUrl parameter.

The output is

whereas it should be

If I set $ScriptUrl to http://localhost/pm68/, the flowplayer function 
works but the rest if the wiki doesn't.

Now I just removed $ScriptUrl and entered the full path in those three 
lines. But I would like to have a solution where I do not have to set 
either $ScriptUrl or the full path, so I can test everything on my local 
computer and then upload it to the web server without having to adjust 
the code.

Any ideas?

moni k.

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