[pmwiki-users] Directing users to the wiki homepage

Sandy sandy at onebit.ca
Tue Oct 7 13:14:13 CDT 2008

You can put the news on the login page, and require people to log in 
before seeing anything. The password can be included on the login page. 
It would annoy people, but it would work.

Graham Archer wrote:
> Hi,
> I put "news" and other useful info on the front (home) page of the wiki.
> I'm finding that users are bookmarking other often used pages and 
> returning to them directly.
> As a consequence the user misses the news information on the front page 
> and then bumps into issues that I was trying to alert the user to in the 
> first instance. :-(
> Is there a way I can direct users who come to the wiki through the side 
> door (i.e. a previously bookmarked page) to the wiki homepage and then 
> perhaps allow them to get to the original target page?
> I'd be interested to hear if other wiki admins have solved this 
> situation in other ways too .
> Thanks
> Graham
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