[pmwiki-users] WikiPublisher on Windows

Thomas Schmidt smi at gmx.info
Thu Oct 9 15:08:41 CDT 2008


I want to use pmwiki as a authoring-tool in my school. For example to write a Document, witch describes the development of network in the next jear, together with a group of five teatchers. 

After studiing the pmwiki-cookbook it seems that it is a good idea to install pmwiki with the wikipublisher. Because the server are behind a firewall, i have to install a wikipublisher-server too. 

Because we have a Windows Server 2003 envirement my Question is:

Is it possoble to install a wikipublisher-server an a windows system? 

(I read the software requirements on www.wikipublisher.org and im not sure, that it is possible.)

Thank you a answer

Thomas Schmidt

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