[pmwiki-users] convert LaTeX to pmwiki (was: Cookbook:PublishPDF library updated)

Vince Administration vadmin at math.uconn.edu
Thu Oct 9 18:46:12 CDT 2008

Thanks, and thanks for the heads-up about my spam filter. I will  
investigate and reply offlist.  Back to LaTeX.
Currently we have been using  a LaTeX to HTML converter, followed by  
HTML to Wiki. It is helpful, but not perfect. But we are now
beginning to need to print high quality from the wiki, and hence the  
interest in wikipublisher.

On Oct 9, 2008, at 5:29 PM, John Rankin wrote:

> Hello Vince
> On Thursday, 9 October 2008 2:35 PM, Vince Administration  
> <vadmin at math.uconn.edu> wrote:
>> John,
>> We have a lot of LaTeX documents, and it would be useful to be able
>> to import some of these into
>> into wiki pages, and then incorporate the pages into Wikipublisher
>> documents. Does Wikipublisher have
>> a provision for LaTeX input?
>> Thanks, Vince
> I am re-sending this via the pmwiki list, as my message to your
> email address was rejected as spam :-)
>> Dear Vince
>> It is interesting that you ask this question at this time. One of the
>> users, Gustav whom I have cc'd, is converting his undergraduate
>> research report from LaTeX to Wikipublisher, with impressive results.
>> I believe he uses a collection of regular expressions to convert
>> LaTeX commands into their wiki markup equivalents, but do not
>> know the details.
>> PmWiki has the concept of "replace on save" operations, so that
>> potentially, one can copy and paste LaTeX into a wiki edit page
>> form and have it automatically convert into wiki markup when
>> you press "Save".
>> Gustav, could you comment? And would it be possible to make
>> a Wikipublisher Cookbook recipe that provides a suitable set of
>> LaTeX -> wiki "replace on save" patterns? Many people would
>> find this useful.
>> And are you ready to share a URL where Vince can see a working
>> version of your results to date?
>> Kind regards
>> John
> This was Gustav's reply (with an attachment omitted), in case his
> reply was also rejected...
> <quote>
> Indeed I am converting my final year project to Wikipublisher. It is a
> complex enough report to really push Wikipublisher to its limits. And
> when one of those limits is reached, John is very quick to expand the
> capabilities of Wikipublisher so we get an ever more powerful
> Wikipublisher.
> If you would like to compare before and after, you can go to
> http://www.parakoos.com/pmwiki/RetteSichWerKann and generate the
> latest version of the Wikipublisher version, and browse the space to
> see the web-version. And for the original, please see
> http://www.parakoos.com/RSWK/.
> As for how I am doing my conversion, well, I am doing the conversion
> from Lyx, the program I wrote the report in. It generates LaTeX for
> me, but that is not what I am converting from. I am converting from
> what I get when I copy and paste the output from Lyx. It would have
> been a lot more powerful if I had done the conversion straight from
> LaTeX as I could probably have generated code to convert everything
> then. Now, there are things that I still have to do manually, such as
> bold and italic text.
> What I am using is TextPad and a set of regular expression replace
> statements. I've attached the ones I am using in case they prove to be
> useful.
> If the search and replace on save feature of pmwiki is clever enough
> to use RE then I guess it could be turned into a cookbook add-on. Once
> you get started with these RE they are pretty easy to work with. And
> yes, this would be really useful! (The RE would have to be able to
> work on more than one line though!)
> And finally, the current state of the Wikipublisher version is very
> good, but not complete. E.g. I don't have LaTeX installed yet to do
> math formulas, and the bibiliography isn't very nicely formatted yet.
> And a few other bits and pieces. (such as after chapter 4 I think I
> haven't bothered with tracking down and making text bold, italic etc)
> I'd be very interested in knowing if you convert any LaTeX documents
> to Wikipublisher, so if you do, please let me know. Ultimately I am
> going to take this all back to my university to inspire them to start
> using Wikipublisher, and your conversions could really help in the
> argument.
> </quote>
>> On Oct 5, 2008, at 9:09 PM, John Rankin wrote:
>>> In response to user feedback and suggestions, I have made
>>> a lot of minor enhancements to
>>> http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/PublishPDF
>>> Release notes are at
>>> http://www.wikipublisher.org/wiki/ReleaseLog/HomePage
>>> This recipe takes wiki pages or page collections
>>> and turns them into a PDF laid out in a form suitable
>>> for printing.
>>> The Wikipublisher project was recently chosen as a
>>> finalist in the New Zealand open source awards 2008,
>>> cited "for bringing the power of LaTeX to the world
>>> of wikis". It's a tribute to the power of pmwiki and
>>> the strength of the pmwiki community that projects
>>> like Wikipublisher, basically a hobby, can achieve
>>> as much as they do. So a huge thank you to Pm and
>>> everyone who has contributed suggestions, bug
>>> reports, and advice over the years.
>>> Information on the awards is at
>>> http://www.nzosa.org.nz/2008-winners
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