[pmwiki-users] SelectQuery question

Dave Brockman daveb at oz.net
Wed Oct 15 20:21:38 CDT 2008

Ben Stallings wrote:
> Dave Brockman wrote,
>  > MONTH() and DAYOFMONTH() don't work for me. Could it be the version of
>  > MySQL that I have? I know nothing, of course.
> No, I was mistaken about those functions defaulting to the current time. 
>   Turns out it's only NOW() that defaults to the current time.  So you 
> would have to write it as MONTH(NOW()) and DAYOFMONTH(NOW()) -- not so 
> easy as I had thought.
> Sorry for the delay in getting back to you -- I'm glad you found a 
> solution that works in the meantime!  --Ben

Thanks! SelectQuery has been a joy. I've learned a lot about MySQL, 
something I've alays avoided. :-)

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