[pmwiki-users] Imac Xamp and Pmwiki

Jan Erik Moström lists at mostrom.pp.se
Tue Oct 21 14:26:58 CDT 2008

Peter K.H. Gragert <p.k.h.gragert at misc.utwente.nl> 08-10-21 18.10

>AND I do not know how to change the protection code on an imac on files and
>directories of the local webserver (XAMPP, apache).

If I understand you correctly, you need to select the wiki.d 
folder in the Finder, select "Get Info" (command-I), in the 
window that is being shown look at the section "Sharing & 
Permissions" (at the bottom), there you can change the permissions

>And I do not know if and how I can get acces with filezilla  on the
>htdocs direcectory of xampp

If you want to look at the files locally there is no need to use 
filezilla, just browse you pmwiki as normal (directly in the 
finder --- BTW you don't really need xampp either, pmwiki works 
well with the built-in web server but it's probably a bit more 
"manual" configuration to be done. I'm using the built-in server).

>And which file editor is available for ascii code files?

Several, if you want a free one I would recommend TextWrangler 
from BBSW <http://www.barebones.com/>

Jan Erik Moström - www.mostrom.pp.se

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