[pmwiki-users] config.php q.

noskule noskule at gmx.net
Wed Oct 29 11:33:44 CDT 2008

Patrick R. Michaud schrieb:
> On Wed, Oct 29, 2008 at 04:44:54PM +0100, noskule wrote:
>> hi list
>> Is it someway possible to execute a function after pmwiki did read the 
>> entire local/config.php. instead of execute is directly where the 
>> function is written in local.php?
> ... just invoke the function at the very end of the local/config.php?
> I'm probably not understanding the question fully.  Normally
> functions are not executed where they're defined, but only where
> they're called.  Having a function execute after local/config.php
> is effectively the same as having a function called at the very 
> end of local/config.php.
> Pm
sorry, I was not so clear. I did mean "where they are called, and put it 
at the end would work of corse. But I have the following problem:

I made a skin witch generates it's css out of css files and a 
colorscheme (defined as php variables).

The skin let admins add elements (css files) to a csspatharray to use 
the colorscheme in cookbook receipts. So if an element is added after 
the colorscheme.php is included into local/config.php it will not work.

So I'm looking for a way to make sure the element gets added 
indipendently of the order of incusion. One more thing is that it's 
cleaner if the csspatharray element could be added inside if a cookbook 
receiped instead "outside" in local.php

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