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noskule noskule at gmx.net
Wed Sep 3 11:38:10 CDT 2008

Peter Bowers schrieb:
> I made a link like this:
>    [[Group.Page?template=Group.AltTemplate|mylink]]
> in  hopes that when that page was initially created it would use the
> AltTemplate page as the template but then afterwards the same link
> would be used to view the page.  It seems to ignore the ?template=X.
> When I make the link like this:
>    [[Group.Page?action=edit?template=Group.AltTemplate|mylink]]
> then it correctly creates the page using the AltTemplate, but
> obviously then subsequent access is using the edit action rather than
> the browse action.
> Any way around this?
> -Peter

hi peter

you could do it this way:

Create a Group BlockElements with a page SpecialLink, there you write:

(:if ! exists 

then in the page where the link should appear:

(:include BlockElement.SpecialLink pagename=Group.Name:)

the benefits of this is that you could easily change the block element 
in terms of function and style

grz nos

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