[pmwiki-users] Won't save pages

Erik Haagensen erik.haa at gmail.com
Fri Sep 5 15:53:38 CDT 2008

Erik Haagensen <erik.haa <at> gmail.com> writes:

> I've installed the system on another test-server - to see if it's as
> easily hacked there.
> I'm running 2.2.0 beta 68
> But I get this error when I change a page and click Save.
> wiki.d has Write permissions
> - - -
> Warning: unlink(wiki.d/Veggavis.Homepage) [function.unlink]:
> Permission denied in d:\home\osidrett\www\nooreg\pmwiki.php on line
> 942
> PmWiki can't process your request
> Cannot write page to Veggavis.Homepage
> (wiki.d/Veggavis.Homepage)...changes not saved
> We are sorry for any inconvenience.
> Return to http://www.os-idrettslag.no/nooreg/pmwiki.php
> - - -

I got a personal e-mail respons that helped me.

Obviously I didn't get the permissions right the first time.
I had to delete some hidden locks and access-files in the directory wiki.d, 
reinstalled - and now it works.

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