[pmwiki-users] new group notification

adam overton a at plus1plus1plus.org
Fri Sep 12 15:30:50 CDT 2008

hi there

i'd like to be notified when users create a new group.
currently, the default page in each group is 'Index', so to solve  
this i've stuck the following into FoxNotifyLists.GeneralNotifyList:

notify=admin at test.net format=#default name=Index group=-Main squelch=120

so far this works if the user creates a group by typing NewGroup/ 
Index?action=edit into their browser, and then saving - i get the  
notification i'm looking for. (and this only works and doesn't become  
a nuisance b/c they won't actually be editing their Index page,  
instead the templates lead them to other subpages to edit and add  
content to their group)

however, users on my site are actually using a modified version of  
NewGroupBox to create their groups, which seems to be calling the  
following to create a new page:

		SaveAttributes($newpage, $new, $new);
		PostPage($newpage, $new, $new);
		PostRecentChanges($newpage, $new, $new);

when this method is used, no notification is sent out when creating  
is there a single function i could call in NewGroupBox that could  
stimulate the Notify or FoxNotify response?
or maybe just a simpler way?

ps - i know about FoxNotify & sendemail, and am using it/loving it in  
several other instances, but would like to prevent myself from having  
to rewrite my CreateNewGroup page, which is using a customized  
version of NewGroupBox...


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