[pmwiki-users] permitting comment deletion

adam overton a at plus1plus1plus.org
Sat Sep 13 04:03:34 CDT 2008

i'm using fox to post comments, and using fox-delete to enable their  
deletion. currently, the fox-delete button is enabled for anyone with  
edit-priviledges on a page (which is usually just one person - each  
user has their own group and password).

if a random user visits someone's page and decides to post a comment,  
i'd like for them to be able to delete their comment, which is useful  
if they realize they misspelled something, or if they accidentally  
reload/resend a page and post a comment twice, or realize they posted  
wrong info and want to repost.

i'm not an expert on the best way to proceed. what's the best,  
safest, and simplest way to achieve this?
should i record their IP address when they post their comment, and  
use (:if equal {$ip} "rec.orded.add.ress":)...?
or should i use session vars (which i know nothing about so far...)?
or some other strategy?

thanks in advance for the tips.

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