[pmwiki-users] FOX form name

Knut Alboldt pmwiki at alboldt.de
Wed Sep 17 07:58:45 CDT 2008

Hi !

I'm using a datepicker html/javascript object I can activate within 
pmwiki with the markup

(:datepicker formname dateformfieldname:)

which pops up a calendar and let the user pick a date which will be 
copied into the formfield using javascript.

(:fox myform ...:)
(:input text name=startdate:) (:datepicker myform startdate:)

unfortunately the (:fox formname ...:) markup doesn't generate a <form 
name='formname' ...> Statement.

I changed this in my local copy of fox.inc, but would it be possible to 
implement this in fox.php generally ?



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