[pmwiki-users] homepage for users

Tegan Dowling tmdowling at gmail.com
Wed Sep 24 14:13:57 CDT 2008

On Wed, Sep 24, 2008 at 1:16 PM, David Johnson
<david.johnson at caldwellfunding.com> wrote:
> Hey, everyone.
>  I am setting up a pmwiki wiki for our business and I have LDAP
> authentication working.  Different departments are going to be using thios
> wiki and I'm hoping to have them all using the same site, but obviously with
> different access. I don't want the Executive group changing any pages by the
> IT group, for example.  Anyway, I have figured out permissions at least on a
> user basis and I want to make it so certain users or groups of users get a
> different homepage when they enter the wiki.

Are you familiar with the syntax for conditional stuff?  You might
have something on Main/HomePage that says, in essence,

If logged in w the rights to view (or edit) Group1.TestPage1
Then (:redirect Group1.HomePage:)
Else if logged in w the rights to view (or edit) Group2.TestPage2
Else ...

Might that work? You could even suppress the standard redirection
messages. OR if there's a problem w having multiple redirections on
one page, then maybe you could do something similar, but under tested
conditions, (:include Group1.HomePage:)
> Is it possible for a certain user to have a homepage that is not the default
> homepage?  If so, how can I make this work for a few different groups of
> users?
> One other question too.  I am, for some reason, needing to log in twice to
> read pages on the wiki.  When I first access the wiki, I need to login, it
> authenticates through LDAP and I'm good….for viewing the homepage….then,
> when I click another page, I need to log in again or I can't view it.  This
> is even true if I click on the link to the homepage I am presently viewing!
> That's weird.  I'm sure it's a simple thing but does anyone know why I might
> need to authenticate twice?

I've experienced something similar -- my hosting setup assumes all
hosted sites have the address syntax http://www.example.com; if one
logs into http://example.com (i.e. without the www), one sees the
behavior you've described -- could that explain it?

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