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Peter Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Wed Apr 1 08:50:42 CDT 2009

Sorry, my bad.  I needed to specify {*$:var} on my page text variables in
the template in order for them to pick up the value from the current page.
Thus the template should have looked like this:

Hi, my name is {*$:MyName} and I live at {*$:Address} but you can call me

You can see this in a working example at
http://pmwiki.qdk.org/pmwiki.php/Test/Include -- I went ahead and did the
template in a simple table to illustrate that markup too..

Welcome to the pmwiki community, Michael!


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Then in page Mygroup.Mypage where you want to see that displayed you put

(:MyName:John Smith:)
(:Address:132 Main St:)
(:include Templates/Navbox:)

Now when you view Mygroup.Mypage you will see

Hi, my name is John Smith and I live at 132 Main St but you can call me Sam.

Is that what you were wanting?  Or were you wanting the variable to be set
in the Nav page?

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