[pmwiki-users] Howto go from PmWiki Demo Main.HomePage to BlogIt in 30 min?

Tim megustasf at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 6 22:06:14 CDT 2009

DaveG <pmwiki <at> solidgone.com> writes:

> Tim wrote:
> > I checked out the sample sites, downloaded the
> > zips for pmforms and blogit, and edited the config.php file. 
    Then I saw the part
> > about only supporting a limited set of skins, 
> BlogIt will work with any skin. However, some skins provide some extra 
> visual candy that works with BlogIt -- things like formatting blog 
> attributes like Author, Date,  Tags, etc.
> > so I downloaded GlossyHue and 
> > installed it, and changed the skin in config.php. That turned the Demo
> > Main.HomePage into something not very readable. 
> Not sure which page you're referring to here. In what way was it not 
> readable?

PmWiki Installation, tells me to copy the sample-config.php to 
/local/config.php and point my browser at:
this comes up and when I hit the Home Page Link in the upper 
left conner I get:
this is the HomePage I am referring to. 

> > I edited the Main.HomePage and
> > added your [[http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/BlogIt |Main Blog Summary
> > Page]] suggestions but I don't see anything. 
> Did you create any entries? What do you have as the main pagelist?
> > My question is How do I go from a fresh PmWiki install to having 
    some basic blog
> > with blogIt in 30 minutes.
> 1] Follow steps 1-4 on the BlogIt page in the "Download and Install"
Yep, I did those.
> 2] Add the markup in the section "Main Blog Summary Page", and change 

I don't know where the above section is? I added it to the HomePage 
(see above) and I didn't see anything.

This may be a part of my problem. What I am doing is adding things to this
default page and its SideBar (ie  HomePage, WikiSandBox, PmWiki, Initial Setup
Tasks ...). I figured it works, I will just add stuff to it and when my stuff
works I will just delete what I don't want. Is there a better approach for 
a rookie such as myself to take?

> your sidebar with the "Blog SideBar" section.

In the cookbook this step is Optional, so I didn't do it
However, on this round I did add the "Blog SideBar" parts to the existing
SideBar via:
This got me a bit further. I now see the BlogIt items in the SideBar.

NOTE: I didn't see these after adding your "Main Blog Summary Page" directives
to the existing Main.HomePage, so is it optional or should I not have started
with Main.HomePage?

> Now create a blog entry by clicking the link on the sidebar. You can 
> skip the sidebar step by simply visiting the "New Entry" page: 
> Site.BlogIt-NewEntry

Now when I click the SideBar New Entry I go to:
But all I see is:

(:pmform blogit-entry:)

> If you can provide more specific information on what is failing, I can 
> provide a little more guided assistance.
>   ~ ~ Dave
When I say that by changing the skin to glossyhue its not very readable, I 
don't mean I can't read the text. I mean it takes the page(default
Main.HomePage) and puts everything into a single column.

When looking at the zip files for both PmForm and BlogIt I see the directory
structures/layout are slightly different that is:
PmForm Zip is
whereas BlogIt is

my machine is

So Does blogIt go  under /cookbook with a wikilib.d subdir?
If so where does the PmForm unzip to? Your directions indicate it should
go under my ../cookbook
That does not seem right to me, if it is its not consistent with your BlogIt

Thanks for your help, I do appreciate it and I do look forward to getting this
thing going.

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