[pmwiki-users] Login problems with BlogIt

DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Mon Apr 6 22:07:11 CDT 2009

Johannes Langlotz wrote:
> I have problem with the AuthUser authorization system after I have 
> enabled BlogIt in config.php. I have created a guest account for test cases.
> Username: Guest
> Password: welcome
> The site at [1] gets all password setting from its own attributes page. 
> The login works as expected.
> The site at [2] inherits all password setting from its group attributes 
> page. If you login at [2] the login form will show up again. But you can 
> edit the page if you login once more or if you just press the edit link 
> at the top left of the page.
In this case, it doesn't actually look like Test/PagePW is a BlogIt 
page. In which case BlogIt doesn't really kick in, aside from some 
markup definitions, etc. Does the test work if you simply disable BlogIt?

I setup a local test case which seems to work fine, however I'm not too 
familiar with AuthUser -- I've used it at it's most basic level -- so I 
may not have replicated your test.

Can you help me understand how you're setting the passwords from the 
'group attributes page'?

Here's what I did:
1] Create a page Test.AuthUser
2] Using Test.AuthUser?action=attr I set an Edit password 'test'
3] Create a page Test.AuthUserGrp
4] Using Test.GroupAttributes?action=attr I set an Edit password 'test' 
for the Test group.

I'm able to login to edit both pages normally, with BlogIt enabled, or 
disabled. However, I may not be doing the same as you, so let me know.

  ~ ~ Dave

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