[pmwiki-users] Login problems with BlogIt

DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Tue Apr 7 18:01:14 CDT 2009

Johannes Langlotz wrote:
> I set user groups and not passwords on the attributes pages. This could 
> be the problem. Try these steps:
> 0) Activate the identity-based authorization system by adding 
> include_once("$FarmD/scripts/authuser.php"); to config.php if you not 
> already have it
> 1) Create a new user at the SiteAdmin/AuthUser page:
>     => Add "    Guest: (:encrypt test:)" to that page
>     => This creates the user "Guest" with password "test"
> 2) Assign the user "Guest" to the user group "guest":
>     => Add "    Guest: @guest" to the SiteAdmin/AuthUser page
>     => Now "Guest" is member of the user group "guest"
> 3) Allow users of the user group "guest" to edit all pages of the page 
> group Test
>     => Set "@guest" as edit password at Test.GroupAttributes?action=attr
> 4) Login to Test.AuthUserGrp with username "Guest" and password "test"
This helped greatly. I had to add a global edit password in config.php 
in order to edit SiteAdmin/AuthUser -- but otherwise everything went as 

However, after a first try it does work on a local install. But I'll 
continue to play around and see if I can replicate what your seeing -- 
maybe I have some residual passwords.

In the meantime, I don't see anything obvious in the code that might be 
causing this -- again I'll continue to investigate, as clearly something 
isn't working.

I have noticed issues with passwords when BlogIt is included before 
config.php passwords are defined -- BlogIt has to read pages to get 
PTVs, so needs to have passwords set first. Perhaps there's a similar 
interaction going on here -- perhaps move BlogIt to be the last thing in 

  ~ ~ Dave

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