[pmwiki-users] Auth User Signup questions

Susan M. Garrett susanmgarrett at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 13 22:42:12 CDT 2009

I'm really new to the work of wiki creation and chose PMWiki as my 
hosting system supported it and it appeared to be the most newbie 
friendly and customizable of the options.

Managed to get the wiki up and running and the look and feel 
customized.  However, I have run afoul of the Auth User Signup 
recipe.  I've installed the recipe three times and three times have 
had to uninstall it and start over due to problems.

A few questions:
Under Installation of WikiMail
    * Configure the $WikiMailSMTP array as indicated on 
<http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/WikiMail>WikiMail page. Below 
might be a typical setting (replace the username, password, and 
domain as appropriate):

$WikiMailSMTP['Host'] = 'mail.example.com';          // only used on 
win32 systems
$WikiMailSMTP['User'] = 'wikimail';                  // user for SMTP
$WikiMailSMTP['Passwd'] = 'mysecret';                // passwd for SMTP
#$WikiMailSMTP['Port'] = 25;                         // only used on 
win32 systems - 0=default
#$WikiMailSMTP['SendmailPath'] = '/usr/bin/sendmail' // only used on 
unix systems
$WikiMailSMTP['From'] = 'wikimail at example.com';      // must be set 
in config.php unless already set via php.ini

1. I assume this means change items in the wikimail.php that was 
downloaded. Yes?

2. In the wikimail.php is the line (note the quotation marks)
SDV($WikiMailSMTP['Host'], "");        // only used on win32 systems

Should that not be (quotes to single pops)?
SDV($WikiMailSMTP['Host'], ' ');        // only used on win32 systems

Also with the same possible problem in the same array:
SDV($WikiMailSMTP['From'], "");        // must be set in config.php unless

3. Should the variables for receiving mail also be changed in the 
wikimail.php? (located after the following)
# These are the defaults for *receiving* email via POP3
## NOTE that these are the WikiMail defaults -- the recipe utilizing WikiMail
## may be over-riding these defaults.

I managed to get an install to get all the way to the test phase. 
When I tested the entry of a new user, the user email appeared to be 
sent twice, which is why I suspect that assuming that I should enter 
both the send and receive data in wikimail may have been incorrect.

I'm sorry of these questions seem silly, but I know nothing about 
wikis and little about coding. I'm finding some of the PMwiki 
directions daunting because they say "change this" and it doesn't say 
in what file or where in what file to change it or sometimes even how 
to change it, anticipating a level of knowledge that I do not have.

That you very much for any assistance you can render.  I appreciate the time.


Susan M. Garrett
susanmgarrett at earthlink.net
"Friends help you move.  Real friends help you move bodies."  

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