[pmwiki-users] Question regarding Mini Recipe

Sameer Kumar sameerkumar at gmail.com
Wed Apr 15 18:35:20 CDT 2009

Firstly, thanks to Tegan for pointing me to the Mini recipe; I have been
using Thumblist so far and had not realized that Petko had a newer snazzier
recipe for the same job!
I would very much like to implement the Mini recipe however I am facing one
problem: many of the pictures (actually photos) uploaded to my wiki are much
larger than that screen size. I actually like the fact that the users are
not required to reduce the images before uploading. As you can understand,
very large images are not conducive to lightbox rendering.

The way I dealt with this in the Thumblist recipe was by using an Image
template page. The small thumbnail on the main page linked to an Image
template page which also included a thumbnail, but a larger one (800 px)
thereby ensuring that the image was always smaller than the screen. The
users could then chose to load the entire image through a link on that page
if they desired.

Is it possible to somehow achieve something similar with the Mini recipe
where the recipe script actually creates two thumbnails for all the
pictures, one smaller and one larger. The lightbox would then render the
larger thumbnail and there would be a link on the footer for the full-sized
image which would open by itself in the browser. This would also be make the
lightbox rendering much quicker as the larger thumbnail would be much
lighter than the full sized image. If this is possible, it would make a
great tool even better!

Petko, any ideas?

Thanks a lot!
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