[pmwiki-users] Logout issues

Susan M. Garrett susanmgarrett at earthlink.net
Sun Apr 19 00:44:51 CDT 2009

I have a login/logout set up on an info bar due to a skin.  There's a 
login/logout cookbook recipe that allows you to have the user flipped 
back to the home page upon logout.

Unfortunately, it also creates a 'ghost' logout link on the sidebar 
when the user is logged in - duplicating the working logout ink 
already on my info bar.

Which bits of the following code can be removed to keep that 'ghost' 
login from showing up on my sidebar?

## Login-Logout
if (@$_GET['from']) {
   $page = PageVar($_GET['from'], '$FullName');
   if ($page == 'BOKMain.LogOut') $PageRedirectFmt = '<h5><i>You have 
logged out.</i></h5>';


Susan M. Garrett
susanmgarrett at earthlink.net
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