[pmwiki-users] Logout issues

Susan M. Garrett susanmgarrett at earthlink.net
Sun Apr 19 02:00:00 CDT 2009

Not a bad idea.

What I like about that wee script, though, is that no matter where 
you are, you click on the logout link on the info bar and it takes 
you back to the main home page and puts up a bit of text that says 
"You have logged out."

Nothing really rational about it.  I just like that bit.

At 11:50 PM 4/18/2009, Chris Cox wrote:
>Susan M. Garrett wrote:
> > I have a login/logout set up on an info bar due to a skin.  There's a
> > login/logout cookbook recipe that allows you to have the user flipped
> > back to the home page upon logout.
>Just a thought... if they're hitting a PmWiki link to logout,
>why not something like [[Main/HomePage?action=logout|Logout]]
>Then you wouldn't need some intrusive extension.
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