[pmwiki-users] Create New Page templates

Susan M. Garrett susanmgarrett at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 20 17:51:19 CDT 2009

I've created a wiki where authors can post their fiction.  Right now I'm doing backfill from a wiki that was compromised by a hacker.  I've locked this new one down tight to prevent casual changes - you have to register to edit anything and you can only edit what you have created.

To make things easier for my authors, I'm putting together a walk-through page to help my authors put their works into the wiki in a consistant format.

What I'd like to do is set up a couple of create new page templates that could be launched from that page.

For example "If you have a work of one page or less, do THIS" and "If you have a work of more than one page, do THIS."

The author would enter the group name and page name according to the instructions, click the button to create the new page, and would find themselves with the new page sitting at EDIT status, prefilled with formatted code in which they would have to enter a few variables and then save - bingo! there's the page with the data formatted correctly.

I've been reading recipes from the Cookbook and gather there's something called Fox that I could use to do this, or that I could post a template for each page type and use the create page button to copy that template.

Has anyone else tried something like this?  If so, what did you use and, more importantly, what did you start to use and then discard?


Susan M. Garrett

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