[pmwiki-users] Recent Pages show list of ONLY latest created pages

Nigel Thomas nigel.thomas at preferisco.com
Wed Apr 22 02:26:10 CDT 2009

Use {$Group}/RecentChanges instead to limit to the current group.

If you mean, you want to see only *new* pages, not changes to existing
pages, then I don't know.

Regards Nigel

2009/4/22 Susan M. Garrett <susanmgarrett at earthlink.net>

> I have a piece of code on a menu that shows a list of recent changes:
> * %item rel=nofollow class=changes
> accesskey='$[ak_changes]%[[{$SiteGroup}/RecentChanges| Newest Stories]]
> I don't really care about the individual changes - what interests me
> is the most recent new pages created.
> How do I adjust the Recent Changes to reflect only the most recent
> pages created in any group on the site?
> Thanks!
> Susan M. Garrett
> susanmgarrett at earthlink.net
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