[pmwiki-users] pmwiki use on proxy and login (PITS 00350)

pmwiki-users at h-rd.org pmwiki-users at h-rd.org
Wed Apr 22 09:36:07 CDT 2009


after some experimentation I got pmwiki to work behind a proxy using  
AuthUser.  However some issues remain and I would like to report them.  
  I think this is closely related to PITS 00350.

The setup is:

http://www.othername.org is the primary site.  Everything works.

The site accessed through the proxy is:


When I am going to try to edit a page through the proxy, I go to a  
login page (AuthUser).  The problem is
that the OK button from the login page references
which gets translated to the url:
with          ^/othername.org^  missing.

On the mailing list I found a fix like this:
# The short fix is to have the local/config.php file fixup
# 'REQUEST_URI' to look like we want.  So, in local/config.php, try:
if ($action == 'login') {
       preg_replace('/^[^?]*/', $ScriptUrl, $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);

However that mungles up other path's.  Any ideas?



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