[pmwiki-users] pdf in includeupload/includeurl

Sameer Kumar sameerkumar at gmail.com
Fri Apr 24 15:33:20 CDT 2009

Hi,I am interested in "embedding" a pdf file uploaded to a page into the
page so that the content to be available within the page.

I have discovered that if I use the IncludeUrl recipe with the complete url
of my upload (http://www.mysite.com/uploads/Group/Page/attachment.pdf), the
browser displays the pdf using the Acrobat Reader plugin without any
problem. It seems to be sufficient for what I am looking for except that I
would prefer to not have to write the complete URL everytime.

I tried the "Includeupload" recipe but that is limited to .txt and .html
file formats. Is it possible to modify this recipe (or any other way) so
that pdf files would become viewable on the page itself without having to
type the complete url?

Also, if possible, in case the viewer does not have Acrobat reader installed
or configured correctly, I would like the wiki to simply show the
"Attach:attachment.pdf" link as it would normally do.

Thanks for all the help!
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