[pmwiki-users] warning with attachtable

malexism at free.fr malexism at free.fr
Mon Apr 27 07:37:49 CDT 2009

Eemeli Aro a écrit :
> Attachtable tries to do its best...

it does !
but maybe the mime-type col is not usefull ?

> ... This is probably a PHP safe mode

yes, it is (http://adiu.fr/php_infos), but if i switch in php5 (safe 
mode disabled) Fox Forum don't work...

> I've added a check for safe_mode in the update to the recipe I'm
> working on, should get that on pmwiki.php in the next day or two.

Nice ! Can you look at another problem ?
If an image is used in a page with a comment, it seems to be considered 
as a missing file or an orphean. I'm not sure, maybe it's a link or an 
accent (french) problem :
[[Attach:imagee.jpg|Attach:imagev.jpg"bla blé blè blà"]]

May i suggest some other ? Better documentation on i8n, separate CSS for 
the table, how to sort the table (clic on the col header ? don't work)

thank you

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