[pmwiki-users] Attachtable, now with meta silliness

Oliver Betz list_ob at gmx.net
Tue Apr 28 10:05:29 CDT 2009

Eemeli Aro wrote:

>> Maybe you consider to rearrange the download files: A lean version and
>> getid3 as separate download (although the latter has to be splitted
>> for pmwiki.org).
>This is possible, but it'd require a total of three files, which gets
>a bit unwieldy. If you do want a lite version, you can just remove the
>whole getid3 directory and it'll be ignored gracefully.

Ack. And attachtable.tar.gz contains all files of the lean version.

>> Extracting thumbnails is also done by getid3, right?
>No, there's a default PHP function for that: exif_thumbnail.

I see. The whole Exif and mp3 stuff didn't work on my LAN webserver
(old XAMPP on ancient NT4) where I tested initially.

Now I find another cosmetic issue: The file info popup can extend the
bottom of the browser window. In this situation, it's somewhat hard to
scroll down. I guess that many people will not be able to find a
solution. No problem for me (I even won't use the file info because I
have no "media" files).


>> With $EnableUploadVersions disabled, it's IMO a bit confusing that
>> $HandleAuth['delattach'] controls the "rename" action link but not the
>> delete action link. One has to know to set $HandleAuth['deldelattach']
>> appropriately.
>Hmm, possibly. I've added a note about this to the cookbook page but
>I'm not sure what else to do.

Although you could handle $HandleAuth['deldelattach'] differently if
$EnableUploadVersions is disabled, I wouldn't bother. People have to
set $HandleAuth['deldelattach'] accordingly.

Regarding the question whether JavaScript prompts and confirmations
shuld be replaced by HTML pages: Only if it's not a lot of work to
implement and if the user interface remains clear. IMO people can be
forced to allow JavaScript for such tasks.


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