[pmwiki-users] :includeUrl Question

Carole Black carole.black at oracle.com
Wed Apr 29 11:44:28 CDT 2009

All - 

I am using the (:includeurl http://,,,, :) recipe to pull in a report out (execute  realtime) on to a Wiki Page. 

And this is working  - although I have noticed the following: 

If the logic is added directly on the to Wiki page - I find that all data displayed on the page from that point forward is CENTER justified.  This occurs on both IE and Firefox.  The report is in a HTML form (I have tried dhtml and excel) and the same issue occurs.   If I use the TEXT output format then it is okay.  Unfortunately I lose the formating. 

If I place the call within a simply table - this works fine - and there is no display issue -

If I place the call with a sidenote or a postit - which is how I would like to show this - then in Firefox it is fine, but within IE all the text/data pulled on the page from that point forward is again CENTER justified. 

Question is - how can I reset the page default settings so text will be left justified.  Doing a simply %left% does not work. I've tried different settings to no avial - 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


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