[pmwiki-users] comment spam and blogs

Maria McKinley parody at u.washington.edu
Wed Apr 29 17:46:10 CDT 2009


I have installed captcha, and it seems to be working fine, but now I am
having a hard time not using captcha. I would like to only use the captcha
for comments, so if I am logged in, not require it. There are a couple of
suggestions in the captcha comments.

This one

if (($page=='MyPage1' || ($page=='MyPage2')) && $action != 'edit') {
	$EnablePostCaptchaRequired = true;

I tried changing to

if (($Group=='Blog') && $action != 'edit') {
	$EnablePostCaptchaRequired = true;

But then it didn't require a captcha at all. This one also did not require a
captcha for comments:

$EditFunctions = array_diff($EditFunctions, array('RequireCaptcha') );

This one worked for requiring captchas for comments:

$EnablePostCaptchaRequired = 1;
     if (CondAuth($pagename,'edit'))
         $EnablePostCaptchaRequired = 0;

and I could login and edit, but I couldn't login and make changes to
SiteAdmin. I use to use this code when I was using access codes:

if (substr_count($pagename,'edit')
|| substr_count($pagename,'SiteAdmin')
|| substr_count($pagename,'Blog/NewBlogPage')
) {
$EnableAccessCode = false;
  } else {
## enter access code to write comment
$EnableAccessCode = true;

Which worked great with $EnableAccessCode, but doesn't work with the
$EnablePostCaptchaRequired variable. It requires the captcha code for
comments, but doesn't let me save my edits, it still expects a captcha.

Any ideas?

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