[pmwiki-users] Hiding PTV's when using conditional markup

Eemeli Aro eemeli at gmail.com
Tue Aug 11 09:01:19 CDT 2009

2009/8/11 Graham Archer <Graham.Archer at sun.com>:
> Regarding PTV's and conditional markup.....
> I read at PmWiki/PageTextVariables-Talk that it's possible to do:
> LinkUrl: (:if name{$FullName}:)http://dilbert.com(:else:)[[Cookbook:Quotes]](:ifend:)
> {$:LinkUrl}

I'm the one who added that to the page, so probably ought to take some
responsibility here...

Thinking about this a bit more, the answer's perhaps a bit trickier
than I first thought. What's happening with the above is that the
value of LinkUrl will be set to all of '(:if
ie. the value of the conditional expression isn't evaluated until it's
used on a page, in which case it'll get evaluated for each time it's

Provided that you've got $EnableRelativePageVars set to true this
should be fine, even when used from another page -- except for
conditionals such as (:if name:) and (:if group:), which will get
evaluated in the context of the including page irrelevant of

> or in my case I can do:
> APACStatus:(:if equal "{$:ApprovalStatusAPAC}" "Approved"
> :)Attach:tick.png(:ifend:)
> {$:APACStatus}
> However in doing this the PTV  ( APACStatus)  in the first line is shown to
> the reader, I'd like that hidden

Hmmm. Apologies for the slight mindfuck, but the following should work
(see example near the end of <http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Test/Ptv> if
this gets mangled):

(:if2 false:)
APACStatus:(:if equal "{$:ApprovalStatusAPAC}"

or alternatively:

APACStatus:(:if equal "{$:ApprovalStatusAPAC}"

> Therefore I would like to do something like ....
> (:APACStatus:(:if equal "{$:ApprovalStatusAPAC}" "Approved"
> :)Attach:tick.png(:ifend:):)
> {$:APACStatus}
> But it seems either I'm using the wrong syntax, or perhaps this is not
> possible, or at least not possible in the way I am trying!!
> Would appreciate any advice on this.

What you tried didn't work since you can't easily nest (:directives:)
-- they're always terminated by the first matching :) which will break
stuff if the outer directive gets evaluated first. Especially as page
text variables are read from the markup outside the normal order of
markup -> HTML transformations.


> Thank you
> Graham

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