[pmwiki-users] Confused about galleries

pmwiki at 911networks.com pmwiki at 911networks.com
Mon Aug 24 11:03:09 CDT 2009


I'm trying to put up a few galleries, around 400 to 500 photos.

What the difference between, Lightbox, Thickbox, Min, Maxi, Easy Gallery
and then there is TinyWebGallery, Qdig...

What I'd like is to browse the gallery and/or a random photo. If it's a
random or a single photo, I'd like to display the IPTC for it, and the
tags/keywords would become a link to the other photos.

Restriction: the server can't run php5. The server can only run
php: 4.3.9, there's some custom software that's currently being
rewritten to deal with php5.

What's the closest? then I'll try to hack my way through the rest.


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