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Wed Aug 26 22:24:30 CDT 2009


so here some of my personal conclusions from everyone's wonderful  

* InterMap

i couldn't figure out how to make InterMap work for my situation. if  
i'm correct, it seems InterMap is looking for something like -  
AnotherSite:OneOfItsPages - and i'm looking for something that  
replaces text that has no idea that one day it will be a link. i.e.  
so that John Doe becomes [[http://johndoe.com|John Doe]] without any  
forethought or link markup written.

but perhaps i'm misunderstanding how the InterMap could be  
implemented. the thing that is so nice about the InterMap setup is  
that you can maintain your list on a wiki page, instead of in  
config.php. do let me know if i'm missing something here...

* Markup

i mangled PM's code (similar to Peter's - thanks!) a bit and got the  
following case-insenstive version to work deliciously. it also  
includes Eemeli's great idea of having a back-tick escape figure so  
	john doe		turns into		[[http://johndoe.com|john doe]]
	John Doe		turns into		[[http://johndoe.com|John Doe]]
	`John Doe		remains		John Doe

# all keys must be completely lowercase in order for this to work
$NameToLinkArray = array(
	'john doe' => 'http://www.johndoe.com',
	'sally struthers' => 'http://www.def.com'

Markup('names', 'inline',
	'/(`?)\b(' . join('|', array_keys($NameToLinkArray)) . ')\b/ei',

function AutoNameToLinkFunc($name, $escape) {
	global $NameToLinkArray;
	if ($escape) return $name;
	$link = '%newwin%[['.$NameToLinkArray[strtolower($name)].'|'.Keep 
	return $link;

* i had to substitute the AutoNameToLinkFunc because i couldn't  
figure out how to get pmwiki to find $NameToLinkArray - i got errors,  
and had to resort to calling it as a global in a function. perhaps  
someone knows how to finagle this without having to declare a  
separate function, as PM did in his recent example?

question/next step:
is there a way to set up my list of names on a wiki page (like  
Site.NamesToLinks), like InterMap is setup?

i like this a lot - superuseful!
i've added a page for this latter recipe: http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/ 
(suggestions for a better name? this was the first that came to mind)

thanks for the help!

On 26 Aug 2009, at 7:47 AM, Patrick R. Michaud wrote:

> On Wed, Aug 26, 2009 at 02:51:02AM +0200, Melodye Bowers wrote:
>> $foo = array('John' => 'http://www.abc.com', 'Sally' => 'http:// 
>> www.def.com');
>> foreach ($foo as $name => $site) {
>>    Markup('/\b'.$name.'\b/', '%newwin%'.$site.'%%', ...);
>> }
>> Does that work?
> It "works", but only for very small numbers of names.  After adding
> 100 or so such rules the speed of markup processing will degrade
> noticeably.
> Better would be to combine all of the names into a single markup rule
> (code below is untested, for illustration only):
>     $foo = array('John' => 'http://www.abc.com',
>                  'Sally' => 'http://www.def.com');
>     Markup('names', 'inline',
>       '/\b(' . join('|', array_keys($foo)) . ')\b/e',
>       "'[['.\$foo[$1].'|'.Keep('$1').']]'");
> It's also possible that one could make use of the $IMap array
> for this in config.php (also untested):
>     $IMap['John'] = 'http://www.abc.com/';
>     $IMap['Sally'] = 'http://www.def.com/';
> Pm

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