[pmwiki-users] foxmail - two e-mails instead of one

Graham Archer Graham.Archer at Sun.COM
Thu Aug 27 08:42:24 CDT 2009


I'm using  foxmail in a fox form as shown below.

(:fox newfeedback:)
(:foxmail template=FoxNotifyLists.IformFeedbackTemplates 
(:foxadd template=FeedbackTemplate target={$:targetpage} :)
(:targetpage:'{$$(serialname Iform TestFeedback-)}':)
Your E-mail Address: (:input text feedbackemail size=50:)
Feedback: (:input textarea feedbacktext rows=15 cols=70:)
(:input submit post "Enter":)
(:foxend newfeedback:)

I find I get two duplicate/identical e-mails ( same time stamp)  each 
time I submit the form.
Removing the foxadd line resolves the problem - but I need to add text 
to the wiki page as well as e-mail so this isn't an option.
I assume I have some syntax incorrect somewhere - but I can't fathom it.

Any help appreciated.



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