[pmwiki-users] BrakePagelist and Httpvars

edwin marte edwin.marte at leidba.com
Thu Aug 27 10:43:53 CDT 2009

I am using both BrakePagelist and httpvars plugins at the same time. My
pagelist is braked in a few pages nicely. I am using httpvars to order the

so what  have is something like this:

[[{$FullName}?order=dpt1|Departament 1 ]] -
[[{$FullName}?order=dpt2|Departament 2 ]] -
[[{$FullName}?order=dpt3|Departament 3 ]]

(:pagelist order=$:department:)

All this work ok when I am at the first page of the pagelist. The Problem is
when I am try to get to any order page besides the first page in  the brake


PageNAme?order=dpt1   : Here is the first page of pagelits ordered by
PageNAme?p=2             :Here is the link for the second page, but then
Ioose the Order part.

Any Idea how can I work around this? how can I order and gain to braked
pages at the same time?

Best Regards,
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