[pmwiki-users] Recommended recipes?

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Fri Aug 28 09:29:24 CDT 2009

Hi Trevor,

I try to answer some of your points:

I created http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/UploadPlus
because I needed a more flexible upload file storage solution for a
large business website. Some wiki groups had hundreds of pages, and
each page had many images as attachments. I wanted to store them
cleanly, associated with each page. One othe reason was the use of
ThumbList as a image gallery, so I created basically one gallery per
page. -
But some other groups had only
relativ few attached images per page, an dit was neater to have those
stored in one group folder, rather than in Group/Page/ folders.
So UploadPlus was born. But I don't know how it interacts with the
MovePage recipe. RenamePage should not cause a problem as attachments
are not physically moved.

Re NewPageboxPlus vs Fox:
NewPageBoxPlus may be all you need. Fox can do vastly more, and
utilises PmWiki's (:input:) form markup, so it is extreemly flexible.
It also can process multiple pages, can post to multiple pages, which
may be needed in some situations.

Re: Fox vs other form processors:
There is no competition! You can use PmForms and Fox side by side
without conflict. PmForms has a different approach and is built
simpler. Fox has more features. Performancewise I don't really know.
Fox has a bigger code base, but is not slow because of that.
I developed it from recipe AddDeleteNewLine years ago, before Pm got
PmForms done. It developed from there, and since it is a feature rich
multitarget processor it has a role in some sites.

On my own sites I use a lot of recipes I developed, since I know them
best. And I try to be uptodate with what I published in the Cookbook.
Questions and suggestions always welcome!


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